Braden Charron vs. Flash LaCash (Gut Bash)

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Take two men who clearly think they are the best at what they do, and the perfect specimen of a man and what do you have? Clearly a recipe for one to be brought down a peg. Brenda begins with multiple poses showing his obviously well defined features, but he is met with only disdain by Flash who is determined to show that every muscle Brendan can show off is just another muscle waiting to be abused.

Flash (admittedly with some help from a certain foreign object) decides that Brendan’s abs will be his primary target. What follows is an extended beatdown on the decidedly impressive abs of Mr. Charron (not without some detours to punish the back and legs just for good measure). A tree of woe adds to the punishment with LaCash totally unloading on the helpless bodybuilder.

A backbreaker over the knee and a final knee drop from the ropes to Brendan’s abs and the time is ripe for the three count. Flash leaves his vanquished opponent lying in the middle of the ring, his abs so pounded that he can’t even raise himself off the mat.

Total run-time: 22 minutes, 15 seconds

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