Braden Charron vs. Elite Eliot

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Holy F**K!!! Who wouldn’t love seeing these two muscle gods? Braden in all white trunks and white boots with red trim and Elite in yellow and black trunks and black boots. Gorgeous men in skimpy trunks with their muscles bulging. Elite Eliot is simply stunning with his sexy body and manly attitude. He is one tough man and isn’t afraid to step into the ring against anyone. Braden is even beefier than Elite with muscles on top of muscles. We are wondering what the hell is keeping that tiny pair of white trunks on his body. The seems should have split instantly given how tight they are. Not many men can wear something that tight and still look gorgeous. Two muscle men facing each other in the ring to see which is the better man. Braden clearly has more muscle behind him, but Elite has more experience in the ring. Which one will win? 

“PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN!” Poor Elite is screaming these words early in the match. Braden may have a on jobber colors, but he doesn’t look like a jobber while he’s abusing Elite. Unfortunately for Eliot, Braden does put him down, and puts him down HARD! Be careful what you ask for. Braden is all man and he’s out to prove he’s the superior man. While Elite is down on the mat trying to regain his composure, Braden loves to flex his huge muscles for the camera and we love it. 

While flexing, Elite gets up and gets behind Braden, quickly taking control for the first time in the match. With the tables turned, Braden is subjected to the same vicious punishment he gave to Elite earlier. Eliot doesn’t have the same strength as Braden, but he is very strong, has significant ring experience, and a mean streak. He loves to make an opponent suffer and suffering is exactly what Braden is subjected to. That gorgeous body of Braden’s is given the full “Elite” punishment, including a sleeper, hair pulling, slapping, and hand torture that would had us wincing just looking at it. 

Braden is not happy about being dominated by a smaller man. He is able to start a comeback that includes one of his painful bodyslams leaving Elite screaming in pain. Neither man wants to lose and both are giving it their all in order to come out on top. In the end, one of the muscle hunks is screaming out his submission to a brutal arm bar. Wrestling fans, it’s time to hedge your bets. Which of these gorgeous hunks of masculinity do you think emerges as the victor? Is it our massive Braden Charron or the experienced Elite Eliot? Either way, you’ll love this match!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 26 minutes, 20 seconds

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Great Match-Up!!

Looking forward to watching two of the hottest!!

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