Braden Charron vs. Blake Starr (Headscissors)

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Hey! Have you ever had your head trapped between the thighs of a superior man? Ever felt the pressure against your neck and ears as you struggle to breathe? Ever inhaled the scent of a better fighter’s speedo or balls as he locks his ankles and pulls your gasping face ever closer? Well, Blake Starr sure has. And here’s the hot, humiliating evidence!

Brawny Braden Charron grasps and clasps prettyboy Blake between his manly thighs, as feet in shiny white wrestling boots tangle and twist the punk this way and that. Blake is rolled and rocked, pressed and squeezed, and rendered totally useless between the master’s meaty, muscular quads! Charron leans back, arms behind his head in a relaxed position, big biceps and hard nipples on display, as he tortures the handsome hunk in sick and twisted ways.

Hairy chested Blake’s tongue hangs out as he fights for air, eventually turning his own brand of head squeezing torture on the more muscular man. Butts are beautifully on display on this intimate, sweaty, spanking and crushing, man-on-man squeeze session that features a breath-taking 69 position rock and roll that has both fighters turning red in the face!

Run-time: 20 minutes 13 seconds

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