Braden Charron vs. Alex Oliver (Bodybuilder Bully)

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Standing center-ring in a skin-tight black singlet, Braden Charron is doing what he does best...flexing his muscles.

Cocky, collegiate All-American male, Alex Oliver shows up running his mouth knowing that he's writing a check that his ass cannot cash. Alex has no experience wrestling, except watching it on TV when he was a kid. 

Braden rips Alex Oliver out of his street clothes while whooping his butt all around the ring. Alex is forced to suffer the beating wearing only his tight spandex swim trunks. Body scissors, back breakers and bear hugs have Oliver twisting around in pain.

Admiring himself, Braden applies classic pro wrestling holds such as the Camel Clutch and Boston Crab, both single leg and double leg. He even applies a painful looking figure 4. This is the most aggressive that I've ever seen Braden. There must be something about Oliver that set the bodybuilder off because he begins using the straps of the singlet to punish his opponent.

It's not long before the singlet comes off, but the suffering continues for over 10 more minutes until Alex finally is knocked out with a classic sleeper hold for a 3-count.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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Alex Oliver - sweet jobber stud

I could watch Alex Oliver all day. One of the hottest asses around. he's a sexy stud. Braden does admirable work on Alex. Love how Alex sells his suffering. Love that stud. MORE Oliver please!

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