Brad Barnes vs. Rendell Zebu

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Buff bodied Brad Barnes is sipping a beverage, when he suddenly passes out. A massive muscle man reduced to a puddle of nothing? Clearly that slim, sexy serpent Rendell Zebu is up to his old tricks again. This smooth-skinned trickster is always clinging to the shadowy corners of the wrestling rooms, planting little surprises in people’s drinks, or rendering much larger prey useless by way of any number of mysterious chemical assistants. 

A heaping helping of Brad’s manhood is the first thing Rendell goes for, which he follow up with a sensual session of petting, fondling, and finally, sleepering! Barnes kicks those hot legs and meaty thighs with all he’s got, only to have Zebu towering over him again.

Rendell’s body is designed to catch the light, with a lean musculature that would make him an ideal opponent for the Jayden Mayne’s of this world, this toxic trick prefers men of the meaty variety. So sit back, relax, and watch the big bruiser take his punishment with little to no resistance. Just be careful what you drink, and by all means watch those shady corners for a glimmer of those midnight-colored muscles!

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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