Brad Barnes vs. Jake Steele (Beach Battle)

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It's a Brad Barnes beach battle, as two impressive dudes come face to face against the crashing waves. Feet in the sand, pectoral muscles casting shadows, these two dudes seem fated to have met here. Like two cocky idiots, they begin showing off their physical strength in push-up contests, gun shows, and more. They lock eyes, never revealing even a moment of fear. 

"You wanna challenge me or something?" 

"Yeah man...let's wrestle?" 

Shorts come off, revealing massive thighs baked a golden brown by the sun. One man is taller and leaner with a heavy chest and cut abs. The other is shorter, but more muscular, with rippling back muscles and powerful arms. The sandy lockup invites some of the most aggressive wrestling we have ever had the privilege to film, as a pair of human tanks go to town on one another in the exclusive privacy of a beach with the tranquil musicality of the sea serving an inviting counterpoint to their violent play. 

Two titans grind each other into the sand, lock tree trunk thighs and sandy feet around necks, roll into the tossing water, and fight like fate as willed it so! An epic battle!

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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