Brad Barnes vs. Christian Thorn (Wedgie Wars)

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Welcome to Wedgie-Fest. For those who love getting a good look at a gorgeous and muscular ass, you’re in for pure pleasure. Brad looks as ripped and sexy as ever with his thick muscles, tats, and manly beard. Many wrestlers have fallen victim to him through his lengthy career and there are several here at W4H who are afraid or unwilling to step in the ring against him. In comes young Christian, not even remotely afraid of or intimidated by muscular Brad. Christian admits his rookie status, but says he’s, “an up-and-comer” and isn’t afraid of Brad. To give you an idea of just how young Christian is, he shows up in the ring wearing his high school varsity athlete jacket. Admittedly, he does look hot in it, but then again, Christian would look hot in damn near anything, even hotter in nothing at all, but we digress. Brad has all the advantages over Christian: height, weight, strength, and most importantly, experience. Christian has some impressive skills and is solid as a rock, but will that be enough against Brutal Brad Barnes? 

Brad wastes no time in tossing Christian across the ring, not even allowing him time to remove his jacket. He immediately exposes and begins working over those rock-hard abs of Christian. We are then treated to our first of many shots of Christian’s incredibly sexy ass via a very painful wedgie. Brad hates having to wrestle rookies, especially those who talk shit, and he isn’t shy about expressing his feelings on the subject. After some brutal wrestling, Brad pulls Christian’s tiny trunks so hard that we can’t even see the trunks, but we do see all that ravishing ass exposed. Fortunately, this match isn’t completely one-sided (98% Brad and 2% Christian), and Christian does get a couple of wedgies on Brad. Brad’s ass is about as hard as everything else on his muscular body and we really enjoy getting to see it. 

These two impressive wrestlers both have their stunning asses exposed, much to our delight. We here at W4H are highly impressed with young Christian, but Brad easily overpowers this young hunk and uses him as a play toy throughout the match. Even so, we suspect it won’t be much longer before Christian is torturing young rookies the way Brad did him in this match. Will Christian ever be good enough to beat Brad? We don’t know the answer to that question as Brad is about as tough as they come, but we are certain Christian will soon destroy a few rookies of his own. Until then, relax and enjoy looking at two of the sexiest asses you will find at W4H. WOOF! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 22 seconds

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