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Jack Dillon versus Elite Eliot

Take two wrestlers with professional wrestling experience.  Mix in an inflated sense of self worth in both grapplers.  Throw in a dash of contempt for their opponents and you have the perfect recipe for an explosive confrontation between Elite Eliot and Jack Dillon. 

Trash talking comes fast and often in this bout right from the onset, followed by a slap to the face by Eliot and the fuse has been lit!  Jack is not one to back down though and he gives the slap right back to Eliot and then the two begin their onslaught in earnest.  Jack has a plan though, he seems to want to deliver as much punishment to Eliot's back as possible, and uses every opportunity to deliver painful forearms to his lower back, crank Elite's neck back with his knee placed firmly in his lower back, and utilize every other painful maneuver he can think of. 

Elite is nothing if not scrappy, and he will not go down lightly and without a fight, and in the process of his counter offensive may even find the perfect moment to extract a submission from his opponent, like he does here with a Boston Crab that makes the egotistical Dillon tap the mat and give up the victory. 

Two really knowledgeable and accomplished grapplers going at one another in this bout makes it a real winner!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 35 seconds

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