Blue Baller vs. Sluggz

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Already chained in the corner, Sluggz finds that he is unable to escape as he strains against his bonds.  Onto the scene comes Blue Baller, who informs his captive that he is the epitome of pure and will vanquish all evildoers no matter when or where he faces them.  Having the advantage of your opponent being chained in the corner, Blue Baller begins by delivering several devastating blows to Sluggz midsection.  When Blue Baller finally releases his arch enemy from his bonds, the beatdown truly begins.
Blue Baller delivers a punishment to the villain the has seldom been seen.  Subjected to over the back and over the knee back breakers, Camel clutches, an extended spinning move in the middle of the ring, Sluggz keeps telling our hero that his partners are coming and will deal with him when they get here.  Unfortunately for Sluggz, these "partners" never materialize and so his beatdown at the hands of Blue Baller continues.  But things seem to be a little off for Blue Baller.  For a hero, he seems to enjoy just a bit too much hurting our villain.
Things seem to really go off the rails for Blue Baller when he decides that in order to truly defeat Sluggz he must deliver the ultimate solution.  It is a truly brutal and vicious ending to Sluggz life of crime.  If you enjoy watching not only a sexy hero take on a villain, but a just as sexy villain who fills out his silver speedo very well, then you will be extremely satisfied with this video!  I wish I could say that we can only hope Sluggz will be back for more adventures (or misadventures), but I am afraid that may not be possible!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 40 seconds

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