Blake Starr vs. Zach Reno (Bro Battle)

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Fan favorites Blake Starr and Zach Reno spend the start posing off making sure that the lighting is good for their match. Soon they are both on the mat and arm wrestling each other. There is a clear winner in the contest and so the loser offers a second contest where they switch arms. Half through the second contest (and trash talking) one combatant decides they have had enough and jumps the other. His advantage does not last long as things reverse and suddenly one wrestler has the other in a painful spladle.

The two go move for move and hold for hold, with each wrestler bringing his opponent to the verge of unconsciousness. Soon a trashcan is introduced to the proceedings as the action moves to the kitchen and then back to the mats. Zach is virtually out on his feet as Blake stays on top of him, dropping him across his knee is a painful back breaker.

Zach hasn’t gotten to where he is without the ability to come back however, and he is well versed in the underground wrestling scene. He has a trick or two for Blake. Make no mistake though, Blake has learned a lot and matured in what he is able to dish out to his opponents. One stud ends up unconscious on the mat while the other admires his work. Which is which? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Total Run-time: 24 minutes, 59 seconds

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