Blake Starr vs. Z-Man (Bro Battle)

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We jump right into the action in this match with Blake Starr stuck in a head scissor from the veteran Z-Man. This is quickly countered and the true competition begins. Similar size and body type, Blake Starr and Z—Man even wear the same speedo (albeit in different colors). Z-Man has years of experience on the younger Starr though, and he shows off his prowess with a variety of hold designed to weaken the stud.

The match moves indoors and the real fun begins. Thrown into the wall and then forced head first into a dryer with the dryer door used against him, Starr is clearly on the worst end of the punishment. Starr has proven himself adaptable though and he fights back against Z-Man.

The match transitions to the kitchen and soon Z-Man is using the refrigerator door to assault Starr. The fnext stop on the “Punishment Express” moves into a rec room where Scrappy happens to be and

Scrappy has his chicken dinner interrupted. He is none too happy about being interrupted, but he is more than happy to take a shot at Starr for the insult.

A pool queue becomes a weapon and the final stop in this traveling show is the bathroom where the toilet bowl and the bathtub play intergral parts in Z-Man’s “Magical Punishment Tour” of Blake. Finally put out of his misery, Starr is left in the shower unconscious while Z-Man takes his leave.

Total Running Time: 18 minutes, 54 seconds

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