Blake Starr vs. Ty Alexander

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Blake Starr and Ty Alexander meet up on the mats with Blake letting Ty know he has seen him online and wants to become a pro wrestler. Ty is not so sure Blake has what it takes and begins to give him a lesson on exactly what pro wrestling is all about. Soon Ty is manhandling Blake on the mats forcing Blake to tap out several times.

Blake is nothing if not persistent though and a couple of tap outs will not stop him from coming right back at the more experienced Ty. Persistence does not necessarily equal being smart, however, as, just as before, the chiseled Starr finds himself tapping out repeatedly to the many holds he finds himself in, courtesy of Ty. Ty seems to find the most pleasure in forcing Blake to quit as a result of extended ball grabs.

What follows is a master class of Ty showing the many and varied ways that he can make Blake tap. The number of times Blake taps becomes meaningless and you will easily lose count. While Blake had hoped he would get some tips on how to become a professional wrestler, he instead ended up in a study on how to be a jobber and be totally humiliated. In the end, Ty becomes tired of so easily beating Blake that he just throws him into the corner and walks off the mat.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 54 seconds

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