Blake Starr vs. Paricutin

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Blake Starr (5'11", 164 lbs, Florida)
Paricutin (6'3", 175 lbs, Florida)

Paricutin may be one of the most surprising grapplers in the business right now. Just to look at him, you might discount his skill level because he’s just so THIN. But the moment he’s on the mat with an opponent, you suddenly realize those long, lean, lanky arms and legs give him a tremendous advantage in a no holds barred match. This dude can basically wrap up his opponents like he’s made entirely of sinewy rope! He’s wrestled big guys like Gabe Steele and Jaxton Wheeler, but fans are hungry to see this sinewy stud fight somebody his own size. Enter Blake Starr.  

Blake is equally slight in frame, although his muscles are more defined than Paricutin’s. Both men have long, stabilizing feet that they use to grip, lockup, and press into the floor for support while wrapped up in aggressive, rolling holds. There is no love lost between these dudes as the competition escalates. You can actually feel Blake Starr getting angry as the battle rages on. Paricutin’s face is especially fun to watch: teeth gritted, eyes bulging, he’s a raging maniac on the mats. 

Long legs coil and twist like snakes, ankles lock, arms crush windpipes, and veins pop out as each man fights with everything he’s got. They circle like cats about to pounce, then quickly tangle up so tightly it’s almost impossible to tell where one man begins and the other ends. Black and white speedos press together or are pulled for leverage. At one point Blake is wedgied so hard it’s hard to watch. Grunting and groaning, hands grasp at faces or twist arms in desperate exertions designed to gain power. Face-to-face, these grapplers glare at one another, sleeper, and struggle to get up after every tap. Their breathing becomes ragged as the war continues, building all the way to a showing of extremely poor sportsmanship toward the end in an uncalled for kick while one man is sitting down before the next lockup. The kicked man tosses the score cards in a rage and both men go at it with newfound hatred, ignoring the timer that signifies the end of the match. One man slaps the other’s chest hard, hissing “You’re lucky time’s up!” This duo definitely needs a rematch to settle their differences.  

Total Runtime - 21 minutes, 48 seconds

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