Blake Starr vs. Matty O'Boy & Zacky Darlin

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Blake Starr has almost impossible proportions. A tiny waist supported by rock hard thighs, a solid ass, cut back, and huge’s no wonder he loves oiling himself up and rubbing himself down. But as the camera shifts ever so slightly, we realize this shining Starr is not alone. 

From the corner of the ring, Matty O’Boy and Zacky Darlin watch him with twisted grins on their impish faces. These real-life boyfriends have entered the world of wrestling like a violent storm, conquering men twice their size in dual humiliation matches, as well as fighting one another with total aggression of the sort you don’t even see from enemies, let alone boyfriends. 

Blake Starr has no idea what’s coming from the cute, smooth ginger and the hairy, expert grappler in the ripped underwear...but it’s gonna be good! Starr doesn’t mind the fawning attention at first as the boys help rub him down with oil, but all too soon the attention turns into wrestling as three slim, slimey, barefoot boys tangle like ropes and fight like alley cats for your viewing entertainment! Brace yourself for Zacky Darlin’s hairy legs wrapped around Starr’s head while he’s forced to eat Matty O’s sweaty balls!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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