Blake Starr vs. Mason Broder

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Blake Starr is one handsome motherfucker.  If you like them lean, his body is perfection.  Over his years gracing the W4H ring, he has only filled out in all the right places.  When he flexes, you realize he could easily make the cover of any fitness magazine.  That kind of dedication translates to honing his wrestling skills as well.  And someone who clearly and repeatedly pushes away French Fries in favor of Kale and a protein shake, probably has little patience for bullshit.  

So, when he comes into the ring and finds newcomer Mason Broder stretching out, he wants some answers.  Mason is a bit unconventional, but there is something very sexy about his body and more boyish charm.  His skimpy trunks reveal that he is all man, though.  Mason is visiting from Spain, and speaks only enough English to make it clear that he thinks he’s going to claim the ring as his own.  That just makes Blake cackle.

But he should not let his guard down, because the smaller Spaniard manages to maneuver Blake into a head scissors and arm bar right off.  At least that gives you a few more minutes to marvel at Blake’s stretched and straining torso and abs.  You can just imagine the sweat, and other things, that have pooled there from time to time.

Mason even manages to get a tap out from Blake early on, so there’s something to be said for being slippery and quick.  Mason’s thick accent is a bit hard to understand, but the word “puta” will be unmistakable.  Over and over.  When Mason tries to plant his ample crotch in Blake’s face, Blake has had just about enough, and the testosterone blast gets him a reversal into a neck scissors on Mason.  With chest fully exposed, Blake gets some hard nipple twists in.  Pain sounds the same in any language.

When Mason gets another advantage, he again tries to smother Blake’s face with his crotch.  And once again, he’s going to pay, when Blake submits him, and crushes Mason’s balls.  It becomes obvious that for all the great submissions in this match, more than a few will focus on someone’s face being mashed into crotch or ass.  And Blake’s ass is pretty perfect.  What’s the Spanish phrase for “take it”?

Run Time: 21 minutes, 37 seconds

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