Blake Starr vs. Jessie Lee (Thongs)

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It’s got all the makings of a wild erotic wrestling fantasy, a hot and hairy hunk with a wiry frame and a cocky grin vs. a smooth, spikey-haired stud. Both in silky g-strings that leave little to the imagination. Both with bulging packages, glowing skin, bare feet, and sexy, sinewy muscles. But what sets this match apart is the starting point. We join these sadistic combatants midway through their confrontation. Maybe it started as a competitive match...but the tables have certainly turned. Hairy hunk Blake Starr has smooth and sensual Jessie Lee’s handsome face buried deep in his red clad crotch...and Lee ain’t goin’ nowhere anytime soon!

This is a slow and steady squash with long, lingering camera shots of beautiful butts and straining thigh muscles. Both men groan in an exchange of united pain and pleasure as soft, bare feet tangle and twist to secure firmer holds. Lee never stops resisting, constantly struggling to escape Starr’s crushing control of his face.

Starr rarely gets to be on the heel side of the table, and he never tires of feeding his jobber boy his ass crack, balls, and more. Lee is spladled, spread-eagled, and subjected to cradles and camels, only gaining some advantage when a 69 squeeze has both men rolling across the mat in a rage of sweat and swearing. It’s a rough, sexy, sensual erotic squash match with a heel who never gives up, and a heel who never stops fighting back! 

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 43 seconds

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