Blake Starr vs. Garrett Ryder (Cowboys)

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Two lean-n-mean muscular cowboys face each other in the ring shirtless, but with tight jeans and boots. Blake clearly has the strength advantage over Garrett, but as every wrestling fan knows, anything can happen in a wrestling match. There’s a lasso rope and a tug-of-war to start the match. Even though he has bigger muscles, Blake finds himself on the losing end of the rope, giving Garrett a quick and easy advantage. Of course, Blake being on the losing end of anything in a wrestling match isn’t exactly a new concept. It does seem to be his modus operandi. Sorry Blake, but your track record speaks for itself. 

Garrett accuses Blake of messing with his girl. Country boys take their girls very seriously and if Blake really did mess with Garrett’s girl, he’s going to be in for a serious ass-whoopin in this match. (How’s that for country terminology?) To his credit, Blake can trash-talk with the best of them and he uses those skills to his advantage. Even though his win-loss record isn’t the best here at W4H, he does have some wrestling skills, and like his trash-talking, they are also used to his advantage. 

There is quite a bit of back-and-forth in this cowboy match. Both wrestlers using their strength, skills, and the rope to try to take advantage of the other. Each time we start to think that one wrestler has the clear advantage over the other, the roles reverse. We lost count of the number of times this happens in this match. Both muscled men have a score to settle and go all-out to prove themselves. In the end, Blake and Garrett are soaked in sweat and gasping for air. One calls the other a bitch as he walks out of the ring. The loser – no surprise here – is left hogtied, as well as humbled and humiliated in the ring. We’d have to agree with the winner and say that the loser is a bitch. Sucks to be him. 

RUN TIME: 21 minutes, 39 seconds

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