Blake Starr vs. Ethan Andrews (Thongs)

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There may be no hotter pairing than fan favorites Ethan Andrews and lean, lone wolf Blake Starr. Pretty faces, tight bodies, and a certain sadistic edge...they’re the perfect fighters for W4HMAX...where everything is sexier, meaner, nastier, and rougher. Andrews initiates the fight, ripping off his shirt and crushing Starr’s moaning head between his already sweating thighs. Booted ankles lock together in total dominance, as Starr’s hairy chest heaves in agony. Starr gives, he taps, he kicks his own booted foot in desperation...but Andrews refuses to let go, preferring to clamp his arms tightly around the heel prince’s abs and squeeze. 

Next it’s time for some humiliating hair pulling, chest-hair ripping, and even a highly sensual double-fisted pec clawing session that features two bodies so twisted together in erotic agony and aggression, it’s hard to look away. Andrews twists Starr’s nipples so hard, he turns red...then takes it one step further by sinking his teeth into the suffering stud’s pec. 

Andrews obviously loves his opponent’s pretty face, as he grinds his own face into his several times, demanding to know if he’s had enough. Andrews drives his knee into Starr’s lower back, pulling him into an impossible arch by wrenching his stubbly chin with one hand and yanking his foot back with the other. Andrews pulverizes Starr’s tight abs, crushes his balls, and rides his face hard so that the jobber boy can taste every inch of those sweat-soaked balls and butt. Andrews serves up a heaping helping of butt and balls again when he force feeds his trunks to the loser, then rides his face again in nothing but a sleek, black g-string! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 54 seconds

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