Blake Starr vs. Elite Eliot

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Sexy stud Blake Starr agrees to go through some army training with beefier Elite Eliot. Big mistake. Eliot is all about strength, and brings a lot of anger into his matches. Starr is no pushover when it comes to strength training, but Eliot’s attitude might just push him over the edge. Eliot hats insubordination, and answers Starr’s every pause or question with a killer smack, punch, or hair pulling humiliation hold!

Blake fights on, struggling through push-up drills and jumping jacks, until Eliot can take no more disappointment, and pulls the weakened trainee into his bone-crushing grip. Arms are stretched beyond endurance, throats are squeezed to near asphyxiation, torsos are hammered between thighs...and still Eliot demands more pushups. 

Soon Blake is little more than a sweaty, hairy-chested pile of nothing crawling around the mats and attempting to climb onto the leather sofa for safety, but Eliot has him, clearly loving every single agonized groan. This is the type of training that would leave the strongest athletes bargaining and begging for a return to civilian life!

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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