Blake Starr vs. Drew Harper (Ball Bash)

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Drew Harper is in the ring posing.  To say he has an impressive physique would be an understatement.  Enter Blake Starr...another W4H wrester whose body is just as chiseled and just as impressive.  What to do when both combatants have a body that looks almost impervious to pain after spending so much time in the gym?  The answer is simple - go for your opponents balls.  No matter how much time they may put into their muscles, their balls will always be vulnerable.
Blake is the first to attach his opponent's balls, and Drew drops like a chopped tree.  Writhing on the mat in pain, suddenly Drew has forgotten all about the posing and the flexing and trash talking as all he can do is try to cover his balls from any further attack.  Blake does not give him an opportunity though and the assault continues.  Eventually Drew manages to reverse the attack and suddenly Blake's balls become to target of Drew's attack, achieving equal success that Blake had on Drew's.
Straight out ball grabs, knees to the balls, dropped over the ropes and knee drops all continue to add to the pain for the pair.  At several points the combatants can't even stand due to the intense pain.  It is only when one of the two finally exclaims that their opponent is better than them that the ball abuse comes to a merciful end.  But which one leaves standing tall?  And which one leaves clutching their balls in pain, certainly on their way to soaking their balls in cold water?  You'll have to watch to find out, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  24 minutes, 28 seconds

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