Blake Starr vs. Dashing Dustin

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Dashing Dustin is a total surprise. He’s pale, slim, hairless, and looks like he wandered over from the farm. At first glance, he looks like a total jobber. You’ve seen him maimed and manhandled by the best. But there’s a secret demented heel hidden deep within that spindly frame. After all, he did manage to somehow destroy muscleman Joey Nux, which seems, well, IMPOSSIBLE!  I believe there’s more to Dashing Dustin than anybody expects. Standing tall in his mint green underwear, he’s almost hard to see. He flexes fledgling muscles. Bounces up and down, allowing his impressive bulge to take focus. Long, pale arms and legs. Long, bare feet. A tight torso. A goofy grin that may be hiding the face of a brutal heel.

Enter resident prettyman Blake Starr. This handsome hardbody is well loved for his flawless good looks and his tight, David statue-like body. As he slips out of his jeans to reveal deep sex muscles, one can’t help but notice that the celebrated Starr and Dustin share a similar physique. Sure, Starr’s body is more polished, but it’s going to be a match of nearly identical, lean bodies. No ring. No ropes. Just a mat. Just a rivalry. Time to see what each man is made of.

Starr pushes Dustin’s head into the mat, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Kiss that shit! Make it your little buddy!” Starr laughs. Dustin refuses, struggles, leans into Starr’s brutal arms. Starr rocks him back and forth, as their long feet lock together. Starr straddles Dustin’s back, flexing victoriously. They bend and stretch like taffy, long limbs all tangled and twisted, camera close up to bare feet and strained abdominal muscles. You can hear the sound of skin-on-skin as they ride and wreck one another in this flexibility driven grapple.

It’s all about floor work, as these two similarly built, sexy studs roll and wriggle, squeeze and strain, face-sit and trash talk. The brutal heel that is Dustin seems to have gone dormant...for now.

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes. 13 seconds

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