Blake Starr vs. Chase Sinn (Championship Match)

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If you could buy a body like Blake Starr’s, everybody would be lining up for that. This dude is so lean, yet obviously muscular, with v-shapes for days, deep cum-gutters, strong thighs, and flawless proportions. Watching him stretch out his muscles is as much a pleasure as it is an exercise in envy.

Enter Chase Sinn, a bearded braggart with smooth olive skin and a muscled torso and chiseled pecs. 

“I knew a Blake in college,” Chase laughs. “I didn’t like him.” 

Blake responds with his cool, collected grin. All too soon his most excellent thigh muscles are working overtime to lift himself out of a fierce nelson. Chase slaps Blake’s tight abs, before allowing the taller dude to eat the mat. 

“C’mon, Blake, don’t die on me!” laughs Chase, before wrenching a face-down dude up by his feet and hair, then rolling him over to practically break his back in an agonizing arch. 

Elbows dig into abs, legs are intertwined in aggressive squeeze-offs, and authority is asserted when Blake dares to touch Chase’s prized hair. 

It’s the squash job of the century, as a taller, leaner fighter struggles to find his strength against shere athletic perfection. 

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 29 seconds

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