Blake Starr vs. Calvin Rogers & Gabe Steele

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We open on Blake taking a warm shower in his black string bikini, lathering his rippling pecs and perfect abs. Probably coming off another humiliating loss, Blake is probably contemplating leaving the wrestling world. 

But he’s surprised by Gabe Steel and Calvin Rogers, who yank him mercilessly out of the shower and accuse him of messing with their girlfriends. Blake barely has time to respond before the two beefcakes begin a total two on one beatdown in the bathroom! 

Calvin holds him while Gorgeous Gabe DESTROYS his abs! They release an onslaught of moves together. Over the knee backbreakers complete with ball claws, vicious sleepers and torture racks galore!

The two add more humiliation by forcing him to watch his own destruction in the mirror! Blake begs for mercy, but you can tell that these two heels are only interested in one thing: Breaking Blake into pieces! I won’t spoil the ending, but I guarantee you it’s not something you see everyday in the bathroom!! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 28 minutes, 16 seconds

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