Blake Starr vs. Calvin Haynes

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Blake has a height advantage over Calvin, but Calvin is built like a bring s***house and loves nothing more than pulverizing his opponents. It’s evident that Blake has spent some time in the gym as his physique is more defined than ever. Even so, he’s not even close to being equal to Calvin in the strength department. We are starting to wonder if Blake has done something to annoy the boss. It seems he is forced to wrestle some of the strongest and meanest wrestlers here at W4H. We haven’t talked to the boss about this, so for all we know, Blake is requesting these brutal opponents. He may even believe he stands a chance against these ring and mat monsters. Who know? Not us. 

Blake is quickly squirming and wriggling as he tries to escape hold after hold. Much as expected, it’s to no avail. Calvin is having fun as he plays with this jobber. To his credit, Blake gets some serious gut shots in which stun Calvin, but only momentarily. Blake even gets Calvin in a sleeper, but once again, it’s not effective. He does manage to get Calvin in more holds than we expected. We are not only shocked by Blake’s performance, we’re highly impressed. Calvin is all man and not an easy person to wrestle. We fully expected a one-sided match, but it didn’t turn out that way. 

These hairy-chested mat men put on quite a match. Both give it their all to destroy the other. Blake shocks us with his improved strength and even more improved skills. For once he’s not a whipping boy thrown to the wolves. The big surprise(s) come in the last two minutes. There’s an arm bar submission that has us winching in pain. But just when we thought it was over, a cheap ball shot from behind comes in and changes the ending. This one must be seen to be believed. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 16 seconds

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