Blake Starr vs. Braden Charron

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This match pits W4H perennial jobber Blake Starr against sexy muscle man Braden Charron. Braden has lost his share of matches here at W4H, but “win” column for Blake is growing spider webs. To his credit, Blake is looking more ripped than ever, but one of his thighs isn’t as big as one of Braden’s arms. Blake looks like a jobber in his bright blue tights with wide white stripes and white boots. Braden, with his muscles on top of muscles, looks as tough and rugged as ever wearing tiny grey trunks with bright yellow trim and black boots. Blake comments that Braden has the size, but that he has the skills. We believe he is half-right. Guess which half he’s right about. 

Not only does Braden had a massive size and strength advantage, he’s becoming more diabolical as he gains wrestling experience. It’s only a matter of seconds before Blake is moaning and suffering at the hands of his much larger and more sadistic opponent. Braden is quick to use cheap shots, hair pulling, and choke holds, all of which are totally unnecessary to defeat this little hairy-chested jobberboy. Within two minutes of the start of the match, Blake is saying, “Please” and “I can’t do this” to Braden. Poor Blake has a long, long time before this match is over. An over-the-shoulder backbreaker literally has Blake gurgling in pain. When Braden grabs his crotch, his gurgling sounds turn into screams. Not content with overpowering his much lesser opponent, Braden dishes out some serious crotch abuse. Blake is in a head scissors so tight that is looks like his head is about to burst. Instead of submitting, he foolishly says, “f*** you” to Braden. Such a typical jobber response. Sadly, for Blake, it just makes Braden punish and humiliate him further. 

Intent on further humiliating Blake, Braden pulls his tights down to his knees, revealing an electric blue thong. We could be wrong, but it appears to us as if there’s some firmness to what’s in that thong. Maybe Blake likes getting beaten and abused. The last few minutes of the match are purely sadistic as Braden pounds and punishes poor Blake mercilessly. We aren’t sure how to put the brutality into words. Believe us when we say that if you’re into seeing a jobber tortured, you’ll love it! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 55 seconds

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