Blake Starr vs. Austin Cooper (Cowboys)

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Stud muffin himself, Austin Cooper, is playing the guitar and singing about how he’s going to whip some ass today. With that deep, sexy voice, impressive guitar and wrestling skills, as well as his incredibly handsome looks, Austin may just be the next star in Nashville and/or the WWE or ROH. Only time will tell on either of those. For this match, Austin has signed to wrestle a cowboy match against Blake Starr. Blake enters the ring with a cocky smile on his face and attempts to sing along with Austin. Just a little advice for you here, Blake: your singing skills rank equal to your wrestling skills. In other words, we hope you have another job that doesn’t involve singing or wrestling. 

Blake does his usual trash-talking and threatens to break the guitar over Austin’s back. Seriously? Does this guy have a clue who he’s wrestling today? We aren’t saying it is guaranteed to be a one-sided match, but if we were to make a bet, we’d put our money on Austin. As much money as we could possibly come up with. To his credit, Blake is looking more shredded than ever. Even so, Austin is one tough hombre, and those tight jeans of his leave damn little to the imagination. It’s quickly decided that the only way to win the match is to hog-tie your opponent. Sounds like a hot match. 

We are quite surprised to see that Blake takes immediate and long-lasting control of Austin, punishing him in an impressive variety of holds. Guess we would have lost our bet on this being a one-sided match. Austin is able to escape the punishment he’s receiving and goes on the offensive. He almost immediately gets Blake’s hands hog-tied. It wouldn’t take much of an effort to complete the hog-tying process, but Austin has a little revenge planned for Blake. Blake is dominated, punished, humiliated, and even emasculated as Austin gets his revenge. It comes as no surprise the Blake is hog-tied worse than a calf at a county fair. Austin claims a decisive victory over trash-talking Blake, leaving the loud mouth jobber suffer further humiliation as he flexes over this defeated punk. We’re not sure who will untie Blake, but hopefully someone will take some mercy on him and help him out of this predicament. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for Austin to have a hit on the country charts.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 40 seconds

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