Blake Starr vs. Austin Cooper

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Blake Starr (5'11", 160 lbs, Florida)

Austin Cooper (5'9", 190 lbs, Virginia)

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 31 seconds


Long-time wrestling fans will be happy to see Austin Cooper getting in on some competitive grappling action. The high school star athlete has morphed into a bald, brutal brawler, which should make for an interesting  match for slender Blake Starr. 

These guys go at it like two bears wrestling in the woods. Austin puts the hurt on Blake pretty quickly, earning a tap in  less than a minute. Austin drags Blake around by the leg, easily applying a sleeper while the slender man struggles and finally taps again. Poor Blake keeps trying, but Austin’s just too much for him, using his brute strength to apply hold after agonizing hold. 

Blake becomes desperate, gripping Austin’s leg like a rabid dog, or flailing like a fool. Austin starts to have some fun, rolling Blake around the mats with ease. Any points Blake manages to get this time around will have been well earned!

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