Blake Starr (Tickled by Evil Ref)

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Blake Starr has lost a match that he should have easily won.  A powerful wrestling fan and Ref  bet some big money on Bake’s match, and he was sorely disappointed to watch Blake get manhandled and pinned.  He knows a secret about Blake that he will use to punish Blake for his loss.  Blake is ticklish as fuck, and he can’t stand being tickled.

The crazy ass Ref has Blake tied down tight on his own bed.  The Ref knows how to keep punks like Blake in line through intense and humiliating tickling. He is going to make sure Blake is tickled to death.  Blake’s bare feet are stroked, teased and tickled until Blake is hysterical with panicked laughter.  HIs pits, sides and stomach are destroyed with the Ref’s skilled and relentless tickling.  Blake’s crazed laughter and mad writhing are amazing to watch.  Blake is reduced to shell of his former self after the cruel tickle torture.

Total Run-time: 13 minutes, 5 seconds

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