Blake Starr (Tickled by Businessman)

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Blake Starr is in trouble again.  As a wrestler, he is not the most skilled, but he is scrappy and eager to improve.  He has his fans and, more importantly, people who count on him to win his matches. Once again, he got his ass kicked in a match that should have been his to win. Some powerful people lost a lot of money, and there must be retribution.  Blake is, unfortunately for him, unbearably ticklish.  He can’t stand it.  The business man who was betting on Blake is pissed and is determined to teach Blake a lesson that he won’t soon forget.

Blake has to submit to a punishment for losing yet another match.  His worst nightmare is to be tickled, and he is freaked out to find himself again tied and helpless at the hands of a tickling maniac. Blake is bound to chair in the businessman’s office and is stripped of his wrestling boots and socks.  He can barely move an inch in the strict bondage.   His muscles and wrestling skills are useless against the cruel fingers of his tormentor.  He is completely unprepared  for the baby oil and the fork on his helpless bare feet. Blake is worked over hard and  is made to suffer for his humiliating loss. Blake’s feet, armpits and sides are brutally tickled, making Blake squirm like the bitch he is.

Total Run-time: 10 minutes, 57 seconds

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