Black Kobra vs. Agent Dark Starr

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Black Kobra & Agent Dark Starr are both in the ring dressed in black, the traditional color donned by a villain. However, there can only be one villain, and the wrestler who defeats his opponent gets to claim the mask that is waiting in the corner of the ring. A first to 5 is declared. A few tests of strength start the contest, as a way of warming each other up, just an appetizer for the main course. Soon one would-be-villain is left unconscious and the battle is on!

However, one humiliated sleeping villain deserves another and soon the score is all tied. A prolonged sleeper on one of the combatants is met with a sleep-inducing cobra clutch from another. One after another, back and forth the villains in waiting find ways to put out their opponent and move closer to getting the final prize of the villain’s mask.

After a grueling 30+ minutes the score is tied 4-4. Finally, the true villain shows his colors by cheating to a victory and claiming what he knew was his all along…. the villains mask. Standing over his defeated opponent, the match is complete. If you enjoy watching two hard bodied villains put to sleep over and over, this match is for you!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 36 minutes, 17 seconds

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