Bjorn vs. Mars

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Mars is back!  I am happy to say that one of the most well-toned and athletically physical members of the W4H has returned.  And happily, we join him as he is posing for the camera, giving us varied and sundry looks at his incredible physique.  If possible, he looks even better than he did the last time we saw him.  Enter into the picture Bjorn, a large upper bodied man who has no use for Mars and begins to taunt him.  When Mars gives it back, a couple of well placed blows to Mars incredible abs leave him momentarily dazed and allow Bjorn to press the advantage.  For all of overall muscles Mars possesses it soon becomes apparent that he is at least at the start, unable to deal with Bjorn's upper body power.  Moving from straight out chokes to over the knee backbreakers, Mars may have bit off more than he can chew.
As if to further exemplify his power, Bjorn lifts Mars in an extended one handed chokehold.  Thrown back to the mat, Bjorn next targets Mars impressive abs, first with some kicks and later with some painful ab claws.  Thrown to ropes, Mars seems unable to defend himself against the constant onslaught from Bjorn.  More choking gives way to a bearhug which see Mars once more thrown to the mat, only to be yanked back up again and the recipient of more punishment, with Bjorn seeming to get more and more enjoyment with each plea of "" from Mars.  
A wedgie become the peak of humiliation Bjorn delivers to Mars, before he gets him in a full nelson that has Mars pleading for release.  One final double handed lifting choke goes so far as to actual cause Mars to lose consciousness as well as the match.  Bjorn drops down on the unconscious chiseled stud and gets his three count.  Mars of course never heard the three count and probably never thought his triumphant return to W4H would ever end up this way.  If you love seeing one of the most popular recent additions to the W4H stable get absolutely destroyed, this video is for you.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 02 seconds

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