Bjorn vs. Bronco

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Bronco is a big dude.  Power to rival anyone in the W4H family, he comes upon Bjorn, who although not as muscular, does have an impressive upper body that he has used to his advantage.  The two begin a series of pose downs not so much in competition, but just in comparison to each other.  When the pose downs complete, the real action begins, with Bronco first slapping Bjorn in a bearhug, only to have Bjorn manage to get his own arms inside Bronco's, reversing the hold and putting Bronco into a bearhug.  When Bjorn releases the bearhug, Bronco falls to the mat but gets up quickly, poses some more, and goes tight back to another beahug on Bjorn again, and it is his time to collapse to the mat when Bronco releases it.
With two grapplers possessing such impressive upper body strength, it is no surprise that the bout devolves into a power vs. power match.  More bearhugs are slapped on, even tighter this time, followed by a straight up test of strength.  After each released bearhug, the wrestler left standing takes some time to pose for the camera.  Both Bronco and Bjorn take turns on their opponents shoulders, just to be dumped like a sack of potatoes.  Each time someone is slammed to the mat, however, they get right back up.
More bearhugs, this time reversed that morph into a full nelson continue to do their work.  It becomes apparent that although there is some pain dished out during the bearhugs, the more lasting effect is the wrestlers being deprived of the fuel that keeps them going, oxygen.  Both Bjorn and Bronco find that as the time clicks on in the match, their breathing becomes more labored and difficult.  The sweat is pouring off the pair to a point where it also become more difficult for each grappler to keep holds on their opponent.  A clothesline to the throat by one of the wrestlers fells his opponent to the point where he can no longer stand or breathe and a winner is determined.  If you enjoy seeing two huge muscular studs going mano-a-mano, this one is for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 30 seconds

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Harold Reed
Love the back and forth

I thought it was great, enjoyed the back and forth, and they both gave their all, great job to both of them👍🏽🤜🏽🤛🏻💖💯

A true Battle of the Big Boys!

WOW! This is one of the best Battle Of The Big Boys I have ever seen!! The bearhugs in this match up will take your breath away watching these two massive monsters pick each other up and SQUEEZE each other harder and harder as they struggle to breathe. Their beefy mounds of muscle collide over and over as they drip in sweat. One muscle monster even goes limp in a bearhug and crumbles to the mat! The tests of strength/lift and carry tests are great too. Bronco carries the 280lbs Bjorn around with ease, a true powerhouse! This is now one of my top match of the website. These big boys REALLY go at it to see who is the top dog. I would love to see these guys battle again on the mat with more bearhugs and chokelifts, or in the pool tossing each other around making tidal waves! I’m sure other fans will agree. THANK YOU for an awesome match, lets keep their battles going!

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