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Brad Slayer versus Shawn Duncan

Sometimes two wrestlers just can't wait to get into with one another.  There is no "you're in my bed" or "you ate my food" or any other catalyst for them hooking up other than they really want a piece of each other. 

Here, Brad Slayer just tells Duncan he wants to show him what he is made of, and the bout is on!  Brad clearly has the size and power advantage over Shawn, but Shawn has been around for a while, and in the world of underground wrestling, experience can be an advantage worth its weight in gold.  And so it is here, with Duncan gaining some early dominance over Slayer, gaining the upper hand on the bed and wrenching back Brad's arms and neck in a way I doubt Slayer has experienced before.  Slayer though is not going to go down easily, however, and he manages to mount some offense of his own, enough that Shawn may find that his experience may not be enough to win the day. 

In the end, a sleeper hold will determine the winner, but is it by the experienced Duncan on the newer Slayer or will Slayer power a sleeper hold on the veteran Duncan?  Either way, you will be the winner in the end!

Total running time:  25 minutes, 29 seconds

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