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Christian versus Shatter (Part 2)

In Part 1, we found Christian apparently trespassing in Shatter's home.  Try as he might, Shatter was unable to force Christian to leave, and in fact, Christian has put Shatter to sleep in a show of dominance.  As Part 2 opens, Christian decides that after dealing with Shatter, he now needs a shower and we follow him into the bathroom where we get a view of his toned ass when he steps into the shower.  When he comes out of the bathroom, he is once again met by Shatter who is surprised that Chrtistian is still there.  He drags the chiseled stud back into the living and the battle resumes once more.
Christian does keep the big man down on his back for much of Part 2, but in the end, Shatter does manage to get on top of Christian and stop the flow of oxygen to his brain, basically putting Christian out.  When he finally comes to, Christian is left to just stumble about the room, wondering how he let Shatter defeat him, but getting the answer as to exactly who was the head of the house.  In the future, Christian will find it will serve him well to get permission to use someone's home to rest and relax, lest he find himself in a similar fate.  I am sure it is a lesson Christian has learned well!
Total running time:  8 minutes, 01 second

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