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Christian versus Shatter (Part 1)

Christian is relaxing in his home.  He reclines on the couch, clad only in a very small revealing purple speedo.  There just seems to be one problem:  this is not Christian's home.  When the actual owner does arrive, he doesn't take too kindly to Christian having "squatted" in his home.  He immediately attacks Christian, pushing him back down onto the counch and starting to choke him out.  Christian is no pushover though and has both the strength and physique advanatge.  He soon brings his attacker down to the floor, manages to get on top of him and delivers his own choke hold.  Soon, Christian has his foot planted in the chest of his attacker, flexing and posing over him.
Shatter manages to turn the tables once again, and he uses any item available to him to try and press the advantage.  The curtains in the window, a nearby t-shirt, anything that can be wrapped around Christian's throat to try and deprive him of air is utilize to its fullest.  Although it does it job momentarily, in the long run Christian is able to overcome the attacks and once more set upon Shatter, placing him in a sleeper hold that finds the big man slowly drifting into unconsciousness.  Once Shatter has been taken care of, Christian returns to the couch, stretches out, and uses his own hands to feel his body (and I mean all of his body).  Can Shatter bounce back and reclaim his home?  Or will Christian be the new de facto own to do with as he pleases?  Find out in Part 2.
Total running time:  12 minutes, 45 seconds

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