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Joey McCoy versus Alex

If there is one thing a shorter person cannot abide, it is usually being kidded about the fact that he is short, so when Alex comes in and starts making fun of the fact that Joey is not your average size, Joey does not take too kindly to the ribbing and before you know it, he introduces Alex to the phrase, "Do not judge a book by its cover".  

A quick jab to the midsection and Alex is on his knees, soon to be dragged into the bedroom by Joey and thrown onto the bed, while Joey finds that Alex's long legs offer ample opportunity to bend and twist them in a myriad of ways. 

Joey has something to learn as well, and that is that if you fight against someone who is bigger than you and you have the advantage, put the big man down for good.  Otherwise, they are bound to come back, and come back Alex does, using his size and power to his advantage as he bends and twists Joey to no end.  But Joey is resourceful and he once again turns the tides and all he wants from Alex is for Alex to admit that he is the "Goliath" to Joey's "David". 

Placed in a painful spladle, it is all Alex can do (besides scream in pain) to resist, but in the end he gives in to Joey's wishes and screams what Joey was looking for.  A big vs. little match that will leave you wanting more from these two:

Total running time:  22 minutes, 47 seconds

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