Big Sexy & Cameron vs. Austin Cooper & Lane Hartley

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You might say this is part two of a trilogy of anger and betrayal. After my humiliating defeat by Austin Cooper and his new buddy (and my replacement!) Lane Hartley, I’m in the market for a new tag partner. Big Sexy seems like a good fit for the position. He’s a big, muscular bearded bro, very manly and very impressive. There’s only one problem, I’ve gotta get him out of his gym gear and into some pro gear. Unfortunately, under his gym gear is a damn purple singlet. No way am I partnering with a dude in a purple singlet, not when we’ve got Cooper and Hartley to destroy. After getting Big Sexy into some more fitting speedos, we launch into some serious planning and stretching. Too bad Big Sexy’s so difficult to work with, testing my patience at every turn.

Naturally, Cooper and Hartley show up to heckle our training session. You know what, screw the training. It’s time to fight. Big Sexy and Hartley square off first, and it’s hard to tell which dude is slower or stupider. Gotta admit, when those big dudes lockup, Big Sexy shows his power. We’re talking bearhugs, back breakers, and nearly broken arms!

When Austin and I rip into each other, our rage is deeply felt, especially when I’m muscled into a nasty Boston crab, which I turn into a killer camel clutch. Austin wriggles free, and before you know it we’re scissoring, rolling, beating, and battering each other with every ounce of pent up anger and frustration we’ve been storing up just for this moment. Good thing I’ve got Big Sexy in my corner...but there’s a twist...a betrayal. Dammit, I should have seen it coming!

Total Runtime: 36 minutes, 29 seconds

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