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Brendan Byers versus Shawn Duncan

There's an old saying that goes, "Let sleeping dogs lie".  I cannot think of more appropriate words that Shawn Duncan should abide by then what we see in this video.  Brendan is sleeping in his bed when Shawn comes upon him and he begins to admire the sleeping big man.  And not just from afar, Shawn moves the sheets and begins moving his hands along Brendan's legs, his chest, his abdomen and caressing his muscular arms. 

Suddenly, Brendan awakes and he is taken aback as to what Shawn has been doing to him while he slept.  Oh, and he is NOT cool with it, so he starts to take out his revenge on Shawn by slapping on some bearhugs, throwing the smaller Shawn over his knee bending him back, cinching in a couple of leg scissors and doing a lifting choke hold before throwing the defenseless Shawn onto the bed. 

Shawn gets to not only see and feel the muscles of the big Byers, he gets to experience exactly what they can do when Brendan puts them into action!  A final sleeper hold sees Shawn drift off the Dreamland and then Brendan begins feeling up Shawn's muscles, claiming that he isn't that bad himself.  A great video between two grapplers with a long history in W4H that I know you will enjoy!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 1 second

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