Beverly Thrills 90210 - Luke London vs. Marc Matthews

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Beverly Hills epitomizes opulence, extravagance, enigma, and affluence. In this footage, we are granted a glimpse into a Beverly Hills mansion as Luke London steps inside, making his way toward a prepared mat. From an overhead perspective, we observe Luke's host, Marc Matthews, scrutinizing not just the mat but, more importantly, the remarkable physical specimen that is Luke London. Descending the grand staircase to join Luke on the mat, Marc instructs his "acquisition" to display the gear he has brought. As Luke presents various items, Marc settles into a virtual throne, directing Luke to try on different pieces, from a leather thong to a vibrant red speedo, neon yellow underwear, and finally, a favored blue pair. With instructions to remove his socks and clear the mat, Marc finally approves of his latest "acquisition." And it's worth noting how impeccably Luke fills out his underwear, a testament to Marc's insistence on securing only the best and most impressive individuals like Luke.

Now face-to-face on the mat, Marc initiates preliminary moves to gauge Luke's wrestling prowess. While Luke demonstrates some skill, it becomes evident that his real assets lie in his striking appearance and sculpted physique, besides his notable package. As Marc executes maneuvers, he takes every chance to appreciate Luke's physique, occasionally pausing to order him to pose. Marc's tireless scrutiny leads him to prompt a change in attire, with Luke donning a tiny bikini, further accentuating his attributes.

However, the change in attire does not alter Luke's fate as he once again finds himself overwhelmed by Marc's relentless assaults. Marc employs low blows, causing Luke to falter, and eventually, he subdues Luke with a sleeper hold, rendering him unconscious. Seizing the opportunity, Marc places a collar around Luke's neck, treating him as a pet as he leads him around the mat. Having had his fill, Marc dismisses Luke as inadequate competition and advises him to bring a friend next time. Leaving his payment on Luke's chest, Marc ascends the staircase, leaving Luke discarded, another casualty of the elite circles of Beverly Hills.

Total duration: 28 minutes, 39 seconds

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