Beverly Thrills 90210 - Luke London vs. Evan West

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If you recall, at the end of the first Beverly Thrills 90210, Luke London had his fee tossed on his chest and his sugar daddy Marc Matthews instructed him to come back and bring a friend.  Always doing what he is told (for the right fee), Luke brings Evan West back with him this time and the pair begin stretching and posing while their puppet-master Marc looks on from his golden throne.  Finally having enough of the two playful tapping one another and stretching out, Marc asks them if they are going to talk all day or get to it.  And get to it they do, exchanging holds on each other, with headlocks and stretching out their arms over their heads. 
Marc is not impressed.  He finally says, "Get to the dirty shit." and Evan gladly obliges, grabbing a handful of Luke plentiful bulge, causing the toned stud to writhe in pain on the mat.
When Evan finds he has Luke face down, lying on top of him, he takes the opportunity to spank Luke.  More trading of moves with each grappler being stretched and twisted beyond their limits, and Evan taking another opportunity to get a full helping of Luke's package.  As the pair attempt some more intimate moves (with one having Evan's package clearly in Luke's face and mouth), Marc grows more impatient and shows each wrestler how to do a leg scissor with your opponent's face between your legs and planted in your crotch.  After an example, Luke takes the initiative to put Evan in the move, while Marc feels up Luke's arms, chest and impressive abs.  Evan takes his turn putting Luke in the same move, while Marc spanks Luke as he is trapped between Evan's legs.
Marc's lessons don't seem to sinking in to the pair as they spend more time flexing once again, and so Marc literally takes things into his own hands as now he executes a double ball claw, one on each of the wrestlers.  Unable to withstand the pain, the pair slowly drop to the mat while Marc secures a viselike grip.  When he finally lets go, he has the pair get into a double head scissor, executed in a 69 fashion.  Both men find their heads between their opponents legs, stuffed up against their packages.  Marc has finally decided he has had enough and he delivers a wedgie to each, Luke's from the back and Evan's from the front. 
The pair, now on their toes are walked to the door by their master, perhaps to their next adventure in Beverly Hills, perhaps to be kicked to the curb.  One never knows in Beverly Hills, you just know it will be interesting. 
An amazing video series of opulence, money, mystery and heartbreak.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  28 minutes, 55 seconds

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