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Vinny versus Donevan

Oil matches bring their own level of excitement pleasure to not only the combatants, but to the viewers as well.  Watching two glistening bodies first oil each other up, and then as the two bodies almost become one, slithering and sliding in and out of moves, forever escaping their opponent's grasp is something that can be wonderful to behold. 

Vinny takes early control of the bout, keeping Donevan on the tarp and, for the most part, within his grasp.  But Donevan is nothing if not resourceful, and manages to at times gain the upper hand.  Vinny brings everything in his tool belt, low blows, choke holds and whatever he can think of, but Donevan manages to power his way through all of them and in the end has Vinny in a sleep hold of his own, one which causes the big Italian to slowly fade away until Donevan is confident he is the victor in the bout. 

Although the sun sets during this bout, I can guarantee you that the action won't fade as you watch two hungry young studs go at each other with only one thing on their mind, dominating their opponent and being declared the winner!
Total running time:  21 minutes, 23 seconds

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