Behind The Scenes (October 2023)

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A popular series, Behind The Scenes always gives us a closer inside look at what goes on behind the camera. The antics, the trash talk and the camaraderie. 

This special takes place in late August and September of 2023 featuring exclusive insight from multiple shoots in Florida, New England & Chicago. Watch bodybuilders struggle to get a grasp on pro wrestling moves. See sneak peeks of upcoming matches. 

New bodybuilder, Bjorn joins the fun with Mars, Cuban Heartbreaker, Bronco, Cash, Drew Harper & hot-shot pro wrestler, Vance Vanity during their rainy Florida shoot. 

Elite Eliot, Jonny Firestorm, Nathan FX & myself enjoy hanging out during a low-key shoot in the Chicago suburbs. We were expecting to do a lot more work that day but with 2 wrestlers canceling last minute it turned into a few buddies playing around and having a great time...even with some Dildo flipping.

Check out Jonny Firestorm's injuries!

There's also the Friday night hotel match with my ex-roommate Braden Charron and my pro wrestling buddy Justin Rage. We had a great time catching up - talking our debuts in wrestling and the infamous BG East house. 

Find out why these videos are some of the most popular. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 11 seconds

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