Behind The Scenes (October 2022)

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 These Behind-The-Scenes videos are GREAT! Always some of the favorites and most popular downloads. 

What kind of fun and horseplay goes on behind the camera? What do the new guys think of their first time? Which legendary wrestler is doing product reviews?

This is the 2nd best way to find out. Here is what you can look forward to experiencing in this video which is comprised of 5 shoots - Vegas, Boston, Rhode Island, New Jersey & South Carolina.

Not just Wrestler4Hire, but also Hero Hunks, NHB Fights & more!

We gotta to see this video in reverse chronological order, starting with South Carolina.

The boys (Elite Eliot & Tanner Ripley) are getting hosed down by my old friend Worth. Worth and I used to private wrestle when I would pass through town but now he's got his own personal ring. We did a small shoot featuring Brendan Byers, Elite Eliot, Worth, Tanner Ripley & Myself.

This was an interesting shoot because only miles down the road (maybe less) the USC Game Cocks were playing in an early season home football game. Traffic was crazy and the heat was hot. 

Throughout the video you'll see me helping these guys get dressed whether I'm helping tie their boots or help them adjust or finish their outfit. Not only do I wrestle, but I can dress myself (and others) too.

These shoots were about 2 days apart from one another, so next we have the New Jersey shoot. It just kept getting bigger and bigger - not only in number of wrestlers but muscle mass. This shoot features favorites like Mark Muscle, Zach Altovito, Zach Reno, Ethan Andrews, John Wolfboy, Nero, Sid Shaw, Calvin Rogers, myself & new guy Ronnie J. 

This section will show you how much the other guys watch each other in their matches, even with 2 matches going at once they are focused on their favorites whether in the ring or on the mats.

The New England boys started the trip off for me. I went from Maine to Rhode Island on Day #1 of this road trip to shoot my good friend, Jonny Firestorm and legend Tristan Baldwin. Massive man, Tank brought 2 friends to the shoot and we had a sweaty good time. 

Of course, Jonny was showing the new guys some tricks in-between matches and he even gets into the picture taking part of the shoot to do pre-match promo pics of the guys.

Holy shit! Tank is a powerful, sweaty bear-hugging machine!

Over Labor Day weekend, we got together to do a shoot - Jonny Firestorm, Tristan Baldwin, Ricky Roman, Bryce Xstatic, Tank & myself.

Ricky Roman is a stud and extremely flexible. We see a lot of the new gear I had made for the shoots being worn in this section. Which are your favorites?

Is Tank napping on the couch?  Is Jonny doing an Amazon Product Review?

The Vegas Boys are up next and we get a sneak peek of some 80's and 90's style wrestling interviews. Chace LaChance, Caleb Klein, Ricky Felix and new guys - Average Aaron, Drake Vaughn & Slayer all get in front of the camera to do their best impressions of TV Stars of Yesteryear. Lash is HILARIOUS in his over-the-top silliness. Always keeping the locker room laughing and smiling.

-Tanner Ripley vs. Elite Eliot 
-Sid Shaw vs. Ronnie J.
-Ethan Andrews vs. Zach Reno (NHB)
-John Wolfboy vs. Zach Altovito
-Jonny Firestorm vs. QT Rawlins
-Tank vs. Kalli
-Tristan Baldwin vs. QT Rawlins
-Jonny Firestorm & QT Rawlins vs. Tank
-Tristan Baldwin vs. Ricky Roman
-Jonny Firestorm vs. Ricky Roman

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 28 minutes, 38 seconds

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