Behind The Scenes (May 2022)

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Enjoy wild behind-the-scenes antics and the brotherhood that is W4H. Sneak peeks of sweet cheeks in the shower after a hot sweaty match. Backstage trash talking and locker room fun. See what happens in between takes as well as behind the camera while matches are being filmed. 

This is what happens when you get up-close-and-personal with the Wrestler4Hire boys and see how they act when caught by my camera phone. 

Pro Wrestling, NHB Fights, Oil Wrestling, Superhero Bouts and much more!

 Previews of...
-Daddy Texas vs. Drew Harper
-Javier The Hunk vs. Dr. Maniacal
-Mini Superhero vs. Dr. Maniacal
-Blake Starr vs. Daddy Texas
-Chase Sinn vs. Damion Bear Zuko
-Chase Sinn vs. Drew Harper
-Joey Nux vs. Nasty Nate
-Chase Sinn vs. Daddy Texas
-Cameron vs. Blake Starr
-Joey Nux vs. Tempo vs. Nasty Nate
-Drew Harper vs. Tempo
-Dash vs. Dr. Maniacal
-Dr. Cam vs. Steel Man
-American Boy vs. Micro Marvel
-Blake Starr vs. Tempo

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes

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