Behind The Scenes (March 2023)

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What kind of backstage antics go on at a Wrestler4Hire/Hero Hunks shoot?

Do you wonder who shows up late? Who are friends in real-life? Who loves losing? What kind of shenanigans happen in between matches? How do we handle custom video scripts/matches?

What's it like stepping into a ring for the first time? Who are the new hunks debuting in the upcoming weeks?

Who's that in the shower? 

Get the exclusive look inside our locker room and see hilarious outtakes from our latest shoots. Plus sneak peeks of many matches.

I like showing how close real personalities are to our "on-camera" personalities. The camaraderie between every one on location at the shoots. How we all want to put on great performances and how much we enjoy being around one another. It's more than just fun on the set of Wrestler4Hire.

Video features Scrappy, Blake Starr, Vinny, Gabe Steele, Drew Harper, Cash, Mars, Donovan, John Bronco, Meaty, Rexx, Tanner Ripley, TrevThor & MORE!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 28 minutes, 26 seconds

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