Behind The Scenes

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At my last shoot in Tampa, I filmed a bunch of behind the scenes stuff. I tried to capture the crew in their natural element. 3 Days together in the same house. Away from home and ready to wrestle. It's like a bunch of Frat Boys. I definitely got some interesting footage featuring...

-Zach Reno giving wrestling lessons
-A bilingual interview with new Spanish stud, Dante Bello and his good friend, Igor.
-I ask Max Ryder to count all the bruises on his battered body.
-Flexing and trash talk from some of the wrestlers.
-Travis & his new friend, Max Ryder playing ping pong together 
-Late night discussions fueled by some adult beverages including important topics such as "which fast food joint has the best chicken"
-Watch a group of the guys struggle to cook a pizza in the oven at our Airbnb

I also grabbed snippets of the following matches:

-Max Ryder vs Travis (Oil Bash)
-Dante Bello vs Ken (Oil Bash)
-Zach Reno vs DJ Beckham Jr (Ring)
-DJ Beckham Jr vs Travis (Ring/Gut Bash)
-Cash vs Zach Reno (Ring)
-Max Ryder vs DJ Beckham Jr (My Nuts, Bro)
-Blake Starr vs Travis (My Nuts, Bro)
-Max Ryder vs Gabe Steele (My Nuts, Bro)
-Blake Starr vs Travis (Headscissors)
-Zach Reno vs Joey Nux (Hero Hunks)
-Max Ryder vs Gabe Steele (Hero Hunks)
-Max Ryder vs Ken (Hero Hunks)
-Zach Reno vs Blake Starr (Bro Battle)
-Ken vs Max Ryder (Bro Battle)
-Cash vs Igor (Bro Battle)
-Blake Starr vs Max Ryder (Bro Battle)
-Drew Harper vs Max Ryder (Bro Battle)
-DJ Beckham Jr vs Gabe Steele (Bedroom Battle)
-Zach Reno vs Ken (Bedroom Battle)
-Max Ryder vs Zach Reno (NHB)
-DJ Beckham Jr vs Max Ryder (NHB)

Total Run-time: 30 minutes, 30 seconds

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