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Collin versus Shawn Duncan (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our bout, the dilemma of who would get the bed for the night was being decided.  Would it be Collin, or would it be Shawn.  Shawn seemed to take an early advantage and as he had just finished with a leg scissors hold, here we see him right back at it, giving Collin's legs and lower back a work over.  A leg hold that turns into a boston crab serves to bend and strain Collin's lower back, causing him to squeal in pain.  Unfazed by his screams, Shawn only turns up the pain, hoping to get Collin to just give up on his aspirations of sleeping in the bed and accept his fate on the couch.
Collin is not willing to let things go though and he manages to grab the advantage once again, slapping on a hard head lock onto Shawn.  Wrenching Shawn's head and depriving him of air, Shawn only manages to break the hold with a punch to Collin's gut.  It seems neither combatant is willing to back down, and so the only way one person will give up is to be forced to give up, and the vehicle for this submission is a sleeper hold which leaves one wrestler drifting off in the sleeping world.  There is only one problem.....the winner put the loser asleep on the bed, and so they have to exit the bedroom to go sleep on the couch after all!!!  A great back and forth match!!!
Total running time:  10 minutes, 10 seconds

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