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Collin versus Shawn Duncan (Part 1)

Collin is stretched out on the bed, resting and relaxing.  In enters Shawn, who informs Collin that he has paid for the room and wants the bed.  When Collin explains that they actually split the cost of the room, Shawn is not impressed and tells Collin he needs to sleep on the couch.  Collin does not take too well to the notion and before long, the pair are locked in combat not just for superiority but also for the right to the bed.  Collin takes an early advantage before Shawn manages to turn it around and clamp on a tight sleeper hold.  This morphs into a full nelson and then a stretching of the young stud with the swimmer's build that seems to almost tear Collin's muscles from their bones.
Collin is able to turn things around again, however, and slaps on his own sleeper hold.  Taking control of Shawn, he quickly moves from hold to hold keeping Shawn off balance.  It is only a well timed low blow that turns the table once again, and Collin crumbles to the bed in pain.  A well cinched in leg scissors, which extends for a short period of time manages to keep Collin down for the count and although Shawn jumps up again, it is clear he is not done with his intended punishment of Collin.  Will it continue in Part 2, or will Collin manage to lay claim to not only the bout and the bed for the night?
Total running time:  10 minutes, 42 seconds

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