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Tanner Ripley versus Alex Garcia

There's an old saying, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  I think it should be drummed into wrestlers everywhere, and this match exemplifies exactly why. 

Tanner Ripley is posing in the ring, when Alex Garcia enters wearing a very colorful speedo.  Those of you who follow W4H know that although both Tanner and Alex are relatively new, Tanner does have much more experience and uses that to good effect in the opening moments of the bout.  At one point stripping Alex of his speedo to reveal a very small yellow thong, Tanner takes special attention to Alex's balls, with multiple ball grabs causing Alex to wince in pain.  But all good things must come to an end, and so does Tanner's control, and when Alex takes control he does unto Tanner what he had done to him, stripping Tanner down to a blank thong, and delivering some ball claws just as painful to Tanner. 

Some bodyslams by Tanner on Alex and making good use of the ropes have Tanner back in control. and once he has decided he has had enough, he puts Alex out, and then runs his hands all over the unconscious stud's body before doing a schoolboy pin and counting to three, getting up and posing over the prone Garcia.  Two good looking grapplers going at it tooth and nail in this one!
Total running time:  22 minutes, 35 seconds

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