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Nathan FX vs. Jack Dillon

While Nathan FX is stretching in the corner, into the ring saunters Jack Dillon.  Jack is mildly impressed with the young Nathan, and proposes that the two form a tag team.  Nathan could not be less interested in tagging with Jack and tells him that in no uncertain terms.  Angry with being rejected out of hand, Jack decides that he will instead show Nathan what he is missing by not tagging with him and begins to put the beatdown on him.  Although shorter than Nathan, Dillon is more powerful and has more ring experience than the relatively newbie Nathan. 

Using Nathan as a barbell, raising him onto his back in a back breaker and applying the bow and arrow all serve to soften up the back of Nathan.  Nathan isn't entirely without his own moves though, although many of them entail attacking the balls of Dillon.  Ball grabs, feet to the crotch and just plain old double axehandle to the balls all work to keep Dillon on the defensive, albeit for a short time. 

Once Jack has a chance to recover, he begins the onslaught anew and in a final move, delivers a power slam to Nathan that he is unable to get up from.  Jack counts to 10, and Nathan is left to ponder what might have been had the two tagged up.  I don't think the offer will come again from Dillon, so Nathan better find someone else to help him in the ring!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 14 seconds

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